CCL Cleaning Group Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions.

Many businesses and other organizations depend on a commercial cleaning service to keep their buildings clean as well as professional looking. An individual who is thinking about hiring a professional commercial cleaning company or switching to a different one often has a gathering of questions about the service. This is why CCL Cleaning Group Ltd have produced this article of frequently asked questions we receive about our services. If you have a question which we have not answered below, please do not hesitate to contact our experts on 0800 074 1688 today.

Commercial Cleaning FAQs

How Can I Trust CCL Cleaning Group Ltd?

CCL Cleaning Group Ltd was established over 40 years ago in 1976. We have worked with many local and national well-known Companies, Local Authorities, County Councils, and Health Trusts. We Lead the way in commercial cleaning and we are considered one of the most reliable cleaning companies by our clients spread across the country. Our friendly cleaners are well known for their hard-working, can-do attitude. As one of Southampton’s most established cleaning companies, we can be trusted to provide a service which lacks neither quality nor effort. To substantiate our credentials, we are proud to be members of the FSB, BICS and NABO.


What Cities do CCL Service in?

CCL Cleaning Group Ltd was established in Southampton in 1976 and this is where our head office is based. However, we offer our cleaning services right across the UK.


How Often Can CCL Clean?

CCL Cleaning Group offers a unique service to each of our clients which means how often we clean will depend on your business requirements. We can schedule daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning contracts and our cleaners are available to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This means we can clean around shift patterns or when will cause the least disruption to the running of your business.


Can CCL Clean a Whole Building/Multiple Buildings?

Yes. We are confident that no job is too big or too small for CCL Cleaning Group. We have over 40 years experience so there is unlikely to be any task we have not already tackled. We like a challenge so will always put our skills to the test to clean whatever size commercial space you have for us.


Does Someone Need to Be in The Building for you to Clean it?

No. CCL Cleaning has lots of experience with working with business owners and key holders. We are a trusted company who often clean out of working hours when the building is unoccupied. All the cleaners assigned to the job will be trained in how your site operates including fire escapes and assembly points. If you do encounter any problems we have an account care team who are available to contact via telephone or email 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. They will deal with any issues quickly and efficiently.


What Is The Cost of You Cleaning Service?

CCL Cleaning Group offers competitive pricing without compromising the standards of our service. Every space we clean is different and has its own unique requirements so costs can vary on a number of factors including size and type of property. The best way to receive an estimate of price is to enquire now for a free, no obligation quote. This can be issued over the phone or for a more accurate quote, an expert can visit your property.


Should Workers Clean Up Before CCL Cleaners Arrive?

The point of hiring a commercial cleaning company is to minimise the work needed to be done in-house and make your life easier. However, it will be easier for our staff to clean and you will receive a more thorough service if there is not too much clutter gathered round. Our staff will not want to move property which is not theirs so there will be some responsibility on you to make sure our cleaners can access the areas they need to clean.


Do I Need To Supply Cleaning any Cleaning Supplies?

No. CCL Cleaning Group Ltd provide our cleaners with all the cleaning supplies they need for the agreed tasks. We have our own strategically positioned warehousing facility where we store a comprehensive range of Janitorial and cleaning supplies. This ensures we never run out of our own cleaning products which gives all our customers’ total peace of mind enabling their premises to be cleaned on time every time. We have strong relationships with all of our suppliers that gives CCL unique buying powers which in turn keeps our prices as competitive as possible. CCL recognise the importance of stocking a wide range of cleaning supplies to suit every Industries needs and budgets. We also stock a full ECO range with BIODegradable chemicals. Visit our eco & recycling page to find out more about our policy.


Does CCL Cleaning Group Provide a Green Service?

Yes. We recognise that as a company our work may have a direct or indirect impact on the local, regional environment and are committed to minimising our negative impacts and acting in a sustainable way. CCL Cleaning Group Ltd are proud to supply our staff with 87% Bio-Degradable chemicals. These products carry reduced health & safety hazards, making it safe to use in all environments without affecting your health and still being planet conscious. The remainder is made up of chemicals that we feel are essential to help us achieve results in cleaning standards or that there are currently no biodegradable alternatives. We are working with the biggest names in biodegradable Chemicals and as new chemicals are introduced we will aim to incorporate these too. Our aim eventually is to be as close to 100% green as possible in our chemical distribution. The best news is we have decided to make this a standard service across all CCL’s Customers resulting in no cost implications being passed. To find out more, including our recycling policy, please visit our Eco and Recycling page.


What Do You Clean?

In our 40-year cleaning experience, CCL has experience cleaning a wide range of commercial spaces. Our services are available for a wide range of clients. They include large offices, restaurants, hotels, bars, clubs, retail stores, theatres and cinemas, galleries and venues, schools and colleges, universities, sports and leisure facilities, hospitals and dentists, laboratories and more. If you have a commercial space in mind for us to clean, please do contact us today to see what we can do for you.

We tailor each service to the unique requirements of the customer. Before commencing cleaning there will be a meeting to go over key areas which require special attention. Our cleaners are fully trained and qualified to know which areas gather the most germs and how to get rid of them.


What Sort of Organisations Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company?

There is no limit of the types of organisations which hire a commercial cleaning company. Having trained professionals clean your business is always useful because their expertise will rid of germs, create a great first impression of your company, and keep employees motivated. CCL Cleaning Group has worked with a wide variety of companies, Local Authorities, County Councils and Health Trusts. Common projects include offices, retail stores, schools, businesses, offices, churches, and restaurants.


What is the quality of the service offered by a contract cleaning company?

The main difference between hiring a commercial cleaning company and a DIY job is that a good commercial cleaning company, like CCL, will use specialist techniques which are designed for large commercial buildings. Special equipment and procedures are used in commercial cleaning to allow large areas to be efficiently and effectively cleaned. The types of locations that use commercial cleaning include shopping centres, banks, hospitals, retail stores, supermarkets, schools and warehouses. Commercial cleaning contractors will clean to a higher standard than a typical person because they use techniques that comply with special health and safety standards in certain environments like hospitals and restaurants. For example, in a domestic clean, it is common to use a basic vacuum cleaner to remove surface debris from the carpet, whereas commercial cleaners will use more thorough carpet cleaning methods such as steam cleaning or dry cleaning the building’s carpets.


Does CCL Cleaning Group Ltd have different cleaning packages for clients to choose from?

CCL Cleaning Group Ltd provides a unique cleaning service for every one of our clients. When you enquire with us we will arrange meetings to get to know the exact requirements of your business and create the perfect cleaning service for you.


What sort of tasks does a commercial cleaning service offer for a school?

CCL understands the need for clean and germ-free Educational premises which help prevent child and Staff absence. Security of these educational facilities is of the utmost importance. All of our Staff are CRC/DBS checked to ensure all are protected from a welfare and safeguarding point of view. Thorough daily cleaning of all areas of a school can help minimise the spread of germs. This includes sanitising of Computers, Tablets, keypad entry systems, and Handles to name but a few. Our staff is fully aware of the areas which need special attention. They are available to clean after school hours and holidays to avoid disruption to the schools’ staff and pupils. Visit our education cleaning page for more information.


What sorts of special cleaning tasks would a contract cleaning company offer to a restaurant owner?

Customer constantly expects the highest standards of cleanliness whether it’s going out for a drink or a bite to eat. CCL is driven on providing a reliable, professional total cleaning package for your business. We specialise in restaurants, pubs, clubs, tourism and business hotels. Our cleaners are fully trained in cleaning within the Hospitality sector and understand what is required to ensure your business is presented at its best at all times. Our health and safety policy will be tailor-made for your requirements and conditions on site. Health and safety is a big factor in business today and we are striving to be at the forefront of this, so our customers can rest assured we are doing everything in our power to protect their interests. Visit our hospitality cleaning page for more information.


How do I Contact CCL Cleaning Group Ltd if I have a problem or question?

As well as all our customers have an assigned account manager which they can contact, we also have an account care team. This office-based team will be here to help 365 days per year and can be contacted through e-mail or telephone, they will deal with any issues that may arise and ensure are dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Can You Tell Me About The Training Of Your Staff and Background Checks?

CCL Cleaning Group Ltd only employs the best cleaners for the job. They all have years of experience and are COSHH trained. They are professional and reliable and will be trained on how your site operates i.e. Fire routes and where to gather etc. We are considered one of the most reliable commercial cleaning companies in Southampton so you can rest assured that we will provide a professional and trustworthy service.


Will The Change Over Be Smooth?

The CCL Cleaning Group will take care of all aspects of TUPE with regards to the transfer of your current staff. We will liaise with your current cleaning contractors to obtain the information required to make this transition easy and to cause the least amount of disruption to service as possible.


CCL Cleaning Group Ltd

We hope these answers to your frequently asked questions have been helpful. If you require more information or have a question we have not answered, please do not hesitate to contact CCL on 0800 074 1688.


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