Keeping your business clean on a daily basis is no simple task, with such a huge demand for the kitchen and bathroom all day every day there is always a need for a little cleaning. Regardless if you hire a commercial cleaning company in Southampton or an in-house employee you may find that the cost starts to build up over time. Luckily, we have gathered some the incredibly budget savvy ideas which help to keep your business sparkling clean without having to break the bank. 


Clean The Worktops Little And Often 


Keeping your workplace clean doesn’t have to be that chore that occurs only when you need it most, instead of letting it get that bad why not work to constantly maintain the cleanliness that you desire. Replace the dreaded spring clean with a quick one to two-hour burst every day after everyone has gone home. Tackling the mess before it develops into a much larger problem will not only help keep your company cleaner but will also help reduce the amount of time and money you spend on this task. Whipping down all the worktops on a daily basis may mean that you catch the watermarks and drink stains before they require cleaning products. It’s incredible how just a little water can work wonders on stains, but only if you catch them early! 


Purchase Quality Cleaning Equipment 


The equipment you purchase has to be one of the most costly expenses that we come across when working to keep the workplace tidy. When we refer to equipment were not about a cheap sponge or cloth we refer to hoovers and other electronic equipment. This may be common sense to some but you get what you pay for in life. If you purchase a cheap unbranded hoover, it is likely that it won’t have the power and technology to reach all those difficult to reach areas which require the most cleaning. Cheap equipment may even lead to breakdowns and problems occurring long before they should. You wouldn’t go out and buy a 10-year-old unbranded car, would you? So why would this be any different when purchasing cleaning equipment for your workplace. 


Carpet Deodorizing Prior To Vacuuming 


While we are on the topic of vacuuming, let’s talk about deodorizing your carpets. Understandably not every workplace will have a pet within the office but there is always a need for removing odours that have worked their way deep within the fibre of the carpet. The best way to relieve your workspace of any undesired odours is by providing the carpets with a one-off deep clean. Using baking soda or a dedicated deodorizing powder on your carpets will allow help to get deep within the carpet and lift any dirt or grit. After applying the baking soda, leave it to sit for an hour then come along with the vacuum and hoover it all up. So, how does this save you money? Well, if you release your carpets of those lingering smells that have built up over the years you will require a lot less air freshener, therefore, saving you money. 


Purchase Your Cleaning Products In Bulk 

It can be extremely expensive purchasing your cleaning products on a small scale. A great way to save your business money when it comes to cleaning is investing in bulk purchasing of cleaning products. Find yourself a reputable local wholesaler and purchase all your favourite products in much larger quantities. Although this may seem to be a large expense initially, it will work out to be a lot cheaper in the long run. The only disadvantage of deciding to purchase cleaning products in large quantities is that you may require additional storage. The solution to this is to convert an unused cupboard into a storage space for all of your cleaning essentials.

Alternatively, if you would perhaps rather a professional contract cleaning services, such as our office cleaning in Southampton, give CCL Cleaning a call today to enquire about the cleaning solutions and pricing that we offer!

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