With the ever-growing success of the Covid-19 vaccine program, many business owners have implemented a strategy for a safe and successful return to the workplace. Whether this be an office environment or a large commercial warehouse, continued cleanliness is key to ensure that this is sustainable move for the business.


As a business owner, the safety of your staff needs to be your number one priority. There is, and will be will be a huge push on illness prevention and the steps we can take to ensure our day to day workspace is as safe as it possibly can be. 


In this article, we will be taking a further look into how commercial cleaning will play a fundamental part in a safe return back to the workplace.  


Preventing The Spread of The Coronavirus


We have now reached the later stages of this pandemic, the studies around Covid-19 have matured and we now have a clear understanding of how this disease spreads allowing us to better prevent it. Prevention methods such as social distancing and face-covering have been an essential part of reducing the spread in the early stages but there is still so much more we can do to ensure our workplace is as safe as possible. 


The virus responsible for Covid-19 can remain on surfaces for up to 28 days so all surfaces. By taking out a commercial cleaning contract you can have all surfaces disinfected daily, eliminating harmful bacteria and prevent the spread of Covid-19 and other infectious diseases. 


Providing Employees with A Safe Workplace  


It’s expected for there to be some scepticism around the return back to the workplace. We have learnt to become so functional within our homes so many are going to feel some anxiety when asked to come into the office again for the first time. There will not only be worries around the change of settings but also their safety around Covid-19. 


To eliminate these concerns amongst employees you must take health and safety extremely seriously. Exercising new processes such as people limits in communal areas and education around hand washing is a great place to start. Then you can look at having an after-hours cleaning contact who will come in and give the workspace a comprehensive clean to eliminate any bacteria which has collected throughout the day. Check out our office cleaning in Southampton page which would be perfect for those returning back to the office environment.


A Successful Return Back To The Workplace 


The success of your return back the office is dependent on two main aspects, the safety of your employees and your plans to make the most out of your office space. Holding meeting with new clients will become an essential part of building the business and increasing revenue but do you have the resources in place to make sure this can be done safely? 


Similar to the uncertainty amongst employees, clients may also have concerns about coming into visiting your workplace. Although we have already experienced the peak of cases there will now need to be a new level of safety around visiting clients. Logs of who has visited and dates will be key but there also needs to be a push for cleanliness within the boardroom. Having cleaners in between meetings will help ensure the room is being kept spotless at all times, not only will this help prevent the spread of infectious disease but this will also make your brand look extremely professional in the eyes of your clients. 


Protecting our Business From Future Disease 


It’s not just Covid-19 that we need to be cautious of, there now comes a need to be prepared for any similar diseases or viruses. We are likely to see our governments invest a lot more in healthcare services over the coming years and the internal investment in safety should follow the same trend. To help give your business the best possible chance of success in the future you will need to take these disease threats seriously and take steps to keep your business protected. 


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