Traditionally commercial cleaning will involve large volumes of chemicals, these substances can not only be extremely harmful to our health but can also have some negative effects on our environment. It has been proven that the use of non-biodegradable chemicals can be detrimental to our health. A study from Harvard University and the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research shows that using powerful cleaning chemicals as little as once a week can increase a person’s chances of developing the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) by nearly a third. 


Green Cleaning Is Much Better For Your Health 


All hope is not lost, recently one of the largest trends in the cleaning industry is the use of much less harmful biodegradable chemicals.  The choice of switching over to biodegraded chemicals is not only better for our environment but is also a lot better for our health. For those who often have their workplace cleaned regularly, it may be time to consider making the change. These biodegradable chemicals have been extensively researched to ensure that they are safer to use in homes and the workplace. There is no doubt that the cleaning products we use will come in contact with people so it’s very important that we use the safest products available to us. 


Doing What We Can Look After The Planet 


Biodegradable chemicals are a huge step in the right direction when considering how we can make cleaning as green as possible. So, what makes biodegradable cleaning chemicals better for the environment? Well, the main reason is that these products only have the safest chemicals used within them that have all been tested to ensure their biodegradable. If the chemicals we use for cleaning our biodegradable this means that they can be decomposed by bacteria and other living organisms. This ensures that the chemicals will decompose over time and aren’t left to build up like the other pollutants that we use. 


Eliminating The Unpleasant Smell Of Chemicals 


It’s no secret that chemicals are not only bad for our health but can also be extremely smelly. The stong smells caused by the chemicals found within our cleaning products can almost be too unpleasant to breathe in and this is what we consider clean. Its time to change the way we see cleaning and improve it for not only our own health but for the health of our planet. The best way to eliminate the unpleasant smell of chemicals found within our cleaning products is by using more natural fragrances within our workplaces. Environmentally friendly cleaning products offer a safe and better smelling alternative to the traditional chemicals we use. 


The Future Of Commerical Cleaning 


The cleaning industry is ever-changing and there is no way to know what invention may come around the corner next that may transform the industry for many years to come, but what we do know for now is that environmentally friendly cleaning products are key for moving forward in the right direction. As more studies start to become public knowledge there has been an increase in the number of people who care about their health and safety when using cleaning products. The best way to look at it is that we cannot go on using the same harmful chemicals for the next century or so. As technology gets better so does our knowledge and ability to test the safety of the products that have become part of the daily routine. Invest in the future of cleaning and find out more about the environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are available to you today!

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