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Welcome to CCL Cleaning Group. We have been providing professional cleaning services in Portsmouth to a number of different types of businesses for over 40 years. We have come to establish ourselves as a highly professional cleaning company that can provide tailored 24/7 cleaning contracts with a range of specialist cleaning solutions to fit your business requirements.

For a trusted and reliable cleaning company in Portsmouth, look no further than CCL Cleaning Group.

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    Leading Providers For Commercial Cleaning In Portsmouth

    There are many reasons why we are one of the number one choices when it comes to commercial cleaning in Portsmouth, but we believe it’s our attention to detail that sets us aside from our competitors. Every one of our accredited cleaners takes great pride in the service they provide and will go above and beyond to ensure your workplace is cleaned comprehensively. We only provide our commercial cleaning team with the most advanced equipment and products available in the industry, which enables our cleaners to tackle the most difficult stains. Whether it’s a dirty carpet, desk or kitchen our team will take the time needed to tackle the dirt and remove it for good. 

    With years of experience in paving the way for professional and advanced commercial cleaning in Portsmouth and throughout the South of England, you can be sure to rely on CCL Cleaning Ltd. Call now to enquire about our commercial cleaning service. We also provide quality office cleaning in Bournemouth and all nearby locations throughout the South of England.

    Portsmouth’s Leading Commercial Cleaning Specialists With Over 40 Years Of Experience

    24/7 Tailored Commercial Cleaning Contracts

    Your business needs are our priority when you decide to choose us for our professional cleaning services in Portsmouth. We have highly committed account managers that liaise with your company to understand your specific cleaning services expectations and ensure that they are met and exceeded. Our account managers exert diligence to clearly understand your unique business cleaning services needs and will outline the perfect cleaning schedule for your company.  We have flexible 24/7 cleaning services, hence we can adjust our cleaning times to suit anytime you want us to schedule your office cleaning.

    CCL have the expertise to engage in comprehensive commercial cleaning solutions for all types of commercial business in Portsmouth and across the UK. Anything from large office cleaning to retail cleaning, CCL has got you covered. We will work in partnership with you to provide suitable long-term and regular cleaning contracts. All our staff are experts in the industry and are fully trained in all the latest advanced cleaning technology. We can offer a daily, weekly, or monthly commercial cleaning service at whatever time suits your business needs. Our commercial cleaners are available to work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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    Types Of Cleaning Solutions Provided Within Our Commercial Cleaning Service In Portsmouth

    What our clients can expect from our advanced commercial cleaning service:

    • Dry steam and foam shampooing
    • Spot cleaning
    • Vacuuming
    • Hardfloor cleaning
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Window cleaning
    • General cleaning
    • Floorcare hygiene 
    • Washroom deep clean

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    Our Commercial Cleaning Service Is More Than Just Cleaning

    Our team of commercial cleaners servicing Portsmouth provide reliable and thorough cleaning solutions that run deeper than just cleaning your company premises on a regular basis.  A clean workplace will affect the mood of your workforce positively, thereby improving productivity. Your brand image is important and visitors need to see your company in a positive light. A neat work premises will etch a positive lasting impression on any visitor. They are more likely to come back to do business with you or recommend your business to another person. 

    First impressions last longer, and appearance is a huge factor in how people judge first impressions. Our commercial cleaning services in Portsmouth give your workplace an impression that will have an alluring effect on visitors. Have business premises outside of Portsmouth? We provide office cleaning in Poole and to all nearby areas in the South Coast of England.

    Commercial Cleaning FAQS

    The most common chemicals we use for our commercial cleaning services include bleach, detergent, and ammonia. All these chemicals have different properties that make them suitable for doing certain tasks. Bleach is known to disinfect as well as clean surfaces thoroughly by removing stains and odours while detergent commonly cleans dishes and removes grease from surfaces. Ammonia is often used in kitchens because it kills bacteria while also getting rid of bad smells from cooking food.

    Yes, we do. We have our own chemical supplier that we use exclusively for our products. This allows us to maintain high-quality standards and ensure that our products are safe for consumption. You can visit our supplies page now for all the essential cleaning supplies that you can purchase from us.

    No, we can carry out our commercial cleaning service without a member of staff present. We offer 24/7 commercial cleaning services which means we can work out of office hours or at a time that best suits you and your business.

    Our expert commercial cleaners will fill out a checklist before they leave your business premises to evidence what has been cleaned. Our team are professional cleaners who deliver thorough commercial cleaning services each and every time. If you have any concerns about the service, we encourage our clients to phone us so we can resolve any issues immediately as our clients are our top priority.

    Located in Southampton, we provide our commercial cleaning service to all nearby areas which include Portsmouth, which is our secondary main service area and across the South Coast of England.

    We Ensure An Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaning Service In Portsmouth

    We believe that it’s our duty to make sure that the cleaning services we provide our clients is as environmentally friendly as possible. For this reason, we only use 87% Biodegradable chemicals. This ensures that the chemicals we use within your workplace have reduced health and safety hazards making your workplace a safer place for your employees. We are working towards making our commercial cleaning service and all other cleaning services as close to 100% green as possible. 

    If you would like to enquire about our commercial cleaning service in Portsmouth simply get in contact with one of our friendly team members today. You can do this by simply submitting your details through our online contact form or alternatively giving our friendly team a call on0800 074 1688

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