Over the coming months, we should expect to see some of the world largest companies instructing their staff to return to the workplace. We are now coming up to the fifth full months of working from home and to be honest, it’s starting to get a bit repetitive. 


How can we make sure that the return to work is safe? Well, the government has outlined some key processes including social distancing and frequent handwashing which will help, unfortunately, no one is talking about the logistics of it all. How can we make sure the business is still operating to its full potential when we have to follow these strict guidelines. 


Hand Washing For At Least 20 Seconds 


The first and most important step that goes into preventing the spread of any disease is to make sure your hands are washed regularly. This being said, implementing proper handwashing mat just be the easiest way to help keep the workplace safe. Its a case of educating them on the proper handwashing process and explaining the importance it has upon everyone’s health. 


Social Distancing Between Employees 


By now you will be familiar with social distancing. We see it on signs and posters everywhere we go, let alone it being talked about on the news all so often. Social distancing is our first line of defence against the coronavirus and for good reason. This distance lessens the chance of a colleague infecting you with a disease. 


Employing social distancing within the office may just be the biggest challenge you face on the return back to work. Pressures such as office size can play a huge part in working with new social distancing measures but luckily with the advice going from 2 meters to 1 meter where possible means that working with these guidelines are a lot more manageable. 


Adjusting The Layout of The Office


The best way to keep your employees at a safe distance is to arrange the layout of the office to make sure that everyone is kept a regulated distance from one another. For larger office environments, a one-way system may just be the best plan of action. Smaller offices may be better suited to a completely new layout where desks are space out and lunch facilities are sectioned off. 


Limiting The Flow of People 


Preventing unnecessary visitors to the office may just be the best way to protect your staff from risk. We have already seen delivery companies change how they drop off parcels to limit contact but the same can be achieved in a work environment. Keeping unnecessary visits to a minimum will reduce contact with other parties, lessening the chance of disease impacting your workforce. Why not replace a face to face meeting with a video conference? 


Sanitising Hands Upon Arrival 


The best way to make sure that no employee brings any disease into the office is to offer hand sanitisation upon arrival. This is a case of setting up a hand sanitising station by all the entrances to the building. Not only will this help to keep your staff safe when arriving at work but it will mean any visitors are following strict guidelines to help protect the workplace. 


Regular Commerical Cleaning 


Cleaning will help to ensure all the surfaces and places to prepare food are unkept to the highest hygiene standards. Regularly disinfecting toilets, counters and workplaces will lessen the chances of anything spreading within the workplace. Commercial cleaning will always be a fundamental part of maintaining your business. 


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