Welcome to our latest blog from our team here at CCL Cleaning Group. Today we have put together 5 must-read points that will help you decide if an office cleaning service in an ideal investment for you. If you simply do not have the time to read through the entire blog feel free to take a look at the infographic found at the bottom of the page. 

1) Improve The Productivity of Your Team 


Every business understands that a productive workforce will result in more revenue generated for the business. If you provide your workers with the means of being more productive it will not only help you to generate more revenue on a day to day basis but in the long run, this will drive the success of the business. If each of your employees comes into a clean desk each morning it will give them a head start to the day ahead. This is great for any business as it will differentiate your business from your competitors. Still, don’t understand how a clean desk promotes productivity? Take a look at the images below. Which desk would you choose to come into in the morning? 



2) Boost Team Morale 


In an office environment, your team is your everything, its very important that you can work together in a positive manner to help drive the company to successes. The problem with teamwork in an office is that if team morale is down everyone is effected. On average, two of every three people are not engaged at work. There are a wide of reasons that team morale can be down but one of the main reasons is if the team do not feel looked after and respected. Luckily this is a very simple solution to this issue, simple rewards can really help boost team morale and help to build a happy work environment. Another great way to boost team morale is to provide the team with a clean office to walk into on a day to day basis. This will prove to the team that they are being looked after and are respected for the work they complete.  


3) Create a Lasting First Impression 


Every office up and down the country understand that the first impression is everything. From interviewing an experienced employee to having a meeting with your largest client its extremely important that the first impression they receive is positive and reflects the professionality that your company offers. If your office is dirty it will provide potential clients with a negative first impression and will reflex badly on your business image. Hiring an office cleaning service is a great investment for any company that takes pride in there brand image.


4) Save The Expense of Training New Staff 


Employing new team members can be very expensive and time-consuming which can act as a huge drain of resources for any business. It may be a lot more cost-effective to simply hire an office cleaning company to come take care of your needs. The great thing about a professional office cleaning company is they will already possess the experience and equipment to provide professional results with every time. Save yourself the hassle of employing a new cleaner and simply invest in a commercial cleaning company today.


5) Reduce Sick Days 


It is incredible how a clean workplace can not only provide lasting mental benefits to your team but it can also help reduce the number of days that employees have to take off from Illness. A professional office cleaning service will ensure that all areas within the office are properly cleaning with the correct products to help eliminate any germs that may be found. It’s important that the toilet and kitchen within your workplace are kept clean and bacteria-free. This will result in less of the workforce becoming ill from this bacteria. An office cleaning service can provide some great return on Investment if sick days are reduced. To enquire about our office cleaning in Southampton service, give us a call today.


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