Cleaning up the family home can seem to be a neverending chore, with the endless flow of muddy shoes walking through the house and a forever messy kitchen, the constant demand for cleaning can take its toll. After a long week at work, we all deserve to kick our feet up and relax and enjoy the weekend, not spend the whole time cleaning.


Well, now you can! We have put together some of the best cleaning gadgets available on the market today! Allow these gadgets to take some weight off your back, allowing you to save some precious time when it comes to the weekend.


Tripple Pronged Microfibre Venetian Blind Cleaner


For those with larger properties, this is the perfect little cleaning gadget for you. Are you fed up of having to clean every shutter individually with a microfiber cloth? Well, now you never have to again with the latest microfibre shutter cleaner. This three-pronged cleaner will allow you to clean your shutters and blinds 3x as quick as you originally could. This gadget is perfect for helping to speed up the process of cleaning the blinds, allowing you to get on with the jobs that matter. 


Super Cleaner – Keyboard Cleaner


As the coronavirus is still running its course here in the UK, the need for clean workspace is now as important as ever before. What better way to help keep your desk clean on a day to day basis than with your super cleaner. This keyboard cleaning gadget is a great way to help reach all of those little bits of dust, dirt and hair that have worked there way deep within the keyboard. This cleaning product is great for cleaning nearly all of your desktop accessories.


Cordless Mini Vacuum Cleaner 


Not every job is suitable for the larger vacuum nozzle. Many situations like cleaning your desk require a bit more finesses, a smaller model of vacuum offer adding control and care when it comes to cleaning up. Why not invest in a mini vacuum cleaner which can be recharged right from your PC. A smaller model of vacuum allows you to take care of all those difficult to clean spots like the dust building up on your desk. With a flick of a switch, you can now keep your working space clean and tidy. 


Cleaning Brush Tool Set


There are only a certain number of places that a feather duster can reach. Sometimes in life, you need a specialist tool to get the job done correctly. Investing in a set up of cleaning brush tools ensures that you will always have the correct sized tool to get the job done. Whether you cleaning the window frames, computer casings or just the dust building up on your photo frames, theses cleaning brushes will always help to get the job done properly. Never struggle to reach those difficult to clean spots again! 


Flexible Radiator Brush  


Your radiators are a hotspot for the build-up of dust, dirt and grit. The reason for this is due to the complexed design of the radiators making them practically impossible to clean. The constant circulation of air through the system every day means that the build-up of dust can escalate extremely quickly. With a flexible radiator brush, you can reach the deep depths of the radiators freeing up all the dirt and dust and allowing you to keep your home clean. 


Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Are you looking to completely automate the task of cleaning? Well, its time to invest in your automatic vacuum cleaner. These robot vacuums can be operated from your smartphone making cleaning a quick and easy task. There is never a need for having to walk around the house with a vacuum ever again, leave you automatic vacuum cleaner to take care of everything, freeing you up to spend more time on the things that matter to you. 

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