Every single one of us plays a crucial role in looking after our planet. Whilst it is now easier than ever to stay detached with reality, the truth is that our planet needs our help. The air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat are now becoming contaminated by our activities and most importantly the chemicals we use. Cleaning just happens to be one of the largest industries when it comes to the use of toxic chemicals. 


Whether you are in charge of cleaning a one-bedroom flat or you look after a whole office building, in the eyes of the environment, your responsibilities are the same. You must know exactly what you are applying to the surfaces and emitting to the atmosphere. 


In this blog post, we will be discussing the small change you can make to your cleaning schedule and the impacts this can have on generations to come. 


Chemicals Are The Building Blocks of Cleaning Products


The cleaning industry relies on chemicals to penetrate stains and dirt to create a facelift effect on any surface. The way these chemicals work is through reactions which alter bonds on a molecular level. This enables you to be able to remove a stain within the matter of a couple of scrubs. Dirt and mess can come in all shapes sizes and forms, therefore, over the years the demand for stronger and more potent cleaning chemicals have developed. Now we are living around chemicals that can take our lives, welcome to the new norm. 


How Can Theses Chemicals Impact Our Surround Environment 


These chemicals are not only extremely harmful to our health but they are also harmful to the environment around us. Every year we apply salt and grit to our roads to prevent them from freezing. Eventually, the grit from the roads run into our river systems causing great harm to the environment and animal health. The same applies to our cleaning chemicals. When they are released into the atmosphere they can settle on any surface causing harm to plants, trees and even the animals. 


Make The Lifetime Long Shift To Sustainable Cleaning Products


The best way to protect our environment is by eliminating the need for harmful chemicals once and for all. We understand that this might be easier said than done but by one small change you can still maximise the impact of our cleaning whilst minimising the harm to our surroundings. Biodegradable chemicals are the solution that we all have been waiting for. Chemicals which can be naturally broken down, therefore, having a minimal effect on the animals/plants that they come in contact with. 


How Does The Future Look For Biodegradable Chemicals


Biodegradable chemicals are still relatively unheard of when it comes to cleaning. Whilst they may not be the mainstream option when it comes to cleaning your home if you know what you are looking for they can still be found. The future of biodegradable chemicals is still uncertain. Whilst they will never completely replace the chemicals we use on daily basis, they offer a viable alternative for a variety of situations. 


Ensuring All Cleaning Products Are Recycled Properly 


The final point we want to discuss is the importance of recycling. As you already know most recycling products are sold in plastic bottles or containers which are recyclable. Make sure that after they have run our you put them out for recycling instead of putting them in the black bin. This helps to prevent these leftover chemicals making their way into our landfills.  

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