Where To Buy Commercial Cleaning Products


This article has been written to help you in your search for a commercial cleaning supply specialist. We will discuss in detail the commercial cleaning products you can buy today, why you should buy from a specialist rather than just a supermarket wholesaler and what kind of service aspects should you expect from a leading commercial cleaning product supplier. 


Commercial Cleaning Supplies 


All along the South Coast, the CCL group have specialist commercial cleaning product teams and a dedicated warehouse full of stock to make it easy to obtain all the different types of commercial cleaning equipment you need at the very best price with the very best advice. Having over 45 years, local experience in this sector you can be sure to be able to trust CCL Group to point you in the right direction and welcome you as one of our many long-term clients. In fact, why not read our client reviews before you decide for yourself if you want to get in touch with The CCL Group. 


Quality Products For Any Sectors 


Let’s look then at why the CCL group can help with everything to do with your commercial cleaning product request. We stock large quantities of the following commercial cleaning products at our large warehouse on the South Coast and offer same day pick up or delivery for regular clients. We cover the following sectors of business. Hotels & Hospitality commercial cleaning products, Retail & Leisure commercial cleaning products, Healthcare & CQC Cleaning products, School & Education commercial cleaning products and Office cleaning products to name but a few so you can be sure that we have your sector covered for commercial cleaning products all along the South Coast of the UK and beyond.


Our Range of Cleaning Products


Some of our more popular commercial cleaning products are Air fresheners, bacterial disinfectants, carpet cleaning products, floor cleaning products and floor maintaining products, a wide range of floor polishing options available for the commercial sector only with a selection of floor sealers too. We offer a large range of hand care products along with COVID safe sanitisers offering you total protection. Housekeeping products for the Hotel and leisure sector with vast quantities of different washroom products including, toilet rolls and hand towels.


Supplies For Hotel and Hospitality


 In the hotel and hospitality sector where the end-users demand the highest quality at CCL, we offer not only the best commercial cleaning products on the market but also at the right price to fit your budget. We want to be your commercial cleaning product supplier for many years to come and will work with you to not only deliver on our promise of great service but also to ensure that the price you pay is a fair price that suits both of our needs. That way we continue to grow and work with you way into the future. Not only can we supply you with the commercial cleaning products but also if you want our specially trained operatives to clean for you then just talk to that division and it can be arranged straight away.


Biodegradable Cleaning Products


CCL Cleaning Group are not just about today, we take the future of the environment as seriously as anyone and continue to ensure that we only supply the most biodegradable cleaning products on the market today thus ensuring sustainability in our company, the products and the wider planet as best we can. We are determined to work with companies who share our same vision to protect the environment. Our products are at a minimum 87% biodegradable. 


Why not sign up for a retail bulk supply order for your commercial cleaning products which guarantees that you will never run out of any of your cleaning lotions and potions as we will stock your own supply at our warehouse ready for immediate delivery or collection. 


One advantage of dealing with a supplier who can deliver all of your commercial cleaning products is that you can have just the one monthly invoice for everything your business needs from a single bar of soap to a million toilet rolls, your accounts department will love you with only one bill per month to pay. 


Contact CCL Cleaning Group Today

So, let’s recap on what to expect from a commercial cleaning product supplier such as CCL on the South Coast. You would want access to the largest supply of commercial cleaning products in the South of England, a supplier who is environmentally aware about everything they supply to you. Someone who has been providing Southampton and the surrounding areas with commercial cleaning supplies in all sectors of business for over 45 years. A supplier who can guarantee you never run out of the products you need and someone who will work with you to ensure they both enjoy a long-term successful partnership in business. Look no further than CCL Cleaning Group Ltd.

Perhaps you would also be interested in our contract cleaning services that we provide? We offer highly professional cleaning solutions for a number of companies in different sectors. Check out our office cleaning in Southampton, and commercial cleaning in Southampton services today.

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