Business Cleaning Checklist – Our Complete Guide


Ensuring that a cleaning routine is being put into action within your workplace is essential for creating a safe, clean, hygienic and professional working environment. To make certain that your employees have a healthy and productive work environment, it is important to consider and carry out an appropriate and professional business cleaning checklist. This guide supplies you with all of the information that our cleaning service provides, executing an overview of how we keep your workplace up-to-date, following daily, weekly, and monthly measures that help to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. By following these checklists, you can guarantee productivity, hygiene, professionalism, and a healthier environment for your staff members. 

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The benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service


Hiring a professional cleaning service for your business offers many benefits that extend beyond the direct satisfaction of having an immaculate workplace, let’s take a look at some of the benefits: 


Constant Cleanliness


Professional cleaning services will provide you with regular and committed cleaning, ensuring that your business is always suitable and hygienic when welcoming clients and employees.


Expertise and Experience


Cleaning professionals have the training and experience to manage various cleaning tasks efficiently. Cleaning professionals have the appropriate and suitable cleaning methods and equipment, as well as know how to tackle different surfaces and materials, resulting in a clean and tidy working environment.


Time and cost savings


Outsourcing cleaning tasks will save your employees time, meaning that instead of having to take up cleaning duties, you can optimise this time and ensure it goes to a good cause. Allowing your employees to focus on their primary job responsibilities reduces stress as they can fulfil their job tasks within their required working hours. Additionally, this can be cost-effective due to not having to invest in time, cleaning equipment, and supplies.


The frequency of cleaning your office


Regular business cleaning involves daily, weekly and monthly cleaning duties that help to maintain the overall hygiene, cleanliness and professionalism of your workplace. Certain cleaning tasks can vary depending on how frequently you action them, let’s take a look at how frequently and how your workplace should be cleaned:


Daily Cleaning tasks 


For your business, daily tasks should involve: Removing clutter, Emptying waste bins, Disinfecting eating areas, Sanitizing bathrooms, Mopping, Vacuuming and Dusting surfaces.


Weekly Cleaning tasks


For your business, weekly tasks should involve: Deep cleaning bathrooms, Disinfecting surfaces, Cleaning communal fridges and Getting rid of old food/drinks stocked in the canteen area.


Monthly Cleaning tasks 


For your business, monthly tasks should involve: Deep cleaning carpets, Polish floors and furniture, Hoover fabric surfaces and removing dust.


Creating an effective business cleaning checklist 


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When it comes to maintaining a clean and healthy working environment, having an effective business cleaning checklist will help you to determine what needs to be actioned, enabling it to be ticked off when complete. Checklist tasks provide a structured and organised approach to maintaining cleanliness, making certain that no essential tasks are overlooked. Let’s take a look at some of the assessments that are carried out when filling out a checklist:


Step 1 – Assess Your Working Space

It is essential that assessing your workspace has been considered so that we can identify any specific cleaning requirements for different areas. This will determine the frequency and intensity of cleaning duties that are needed in specific areas, allowing for a more efficient and targeted cleaning routine. 


Step 2 – Determine Cleaning Frequencies 

Once your workplace has been assessed, determining the frequency in which your cleaning duties need to be carried out is the ultimate way to full performance. Specific tasks, such as emptying daily waste and sanitising work surfaces may need to be carried out more frequently, while other tasks like deep cleaning carpets may only be needed every month, which is why it is so important to have a clear schedule for each task, so no tasks is overlooked.


Step 3 – Choose The Correct Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

It is very important to choose the correct cleaning supplies and equipment for each task required on your business cleaning checklist. You must have a variety of cleaning products suitable for different surfaces and materials, as well as equipment to efficiently carry out each cleaning task. 


Step 4 – Allocate and Maintain 

We will allocate cleaning tasks to the rest of our team and establish a plan to ensure full maintenance for the completion of these tasks. This will ensure that we are accountable for any work, and helps to maintain consistency in the cleanliness of your workplace. Regularly check in with your cleaning service providers to ensure that expectations are constantly being met. 

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