Commercial Cleaning Southampton

For over 40 years we have been providing professional commercial cleaning in Southampton to a range of different commercial businesses and have ensured that we are unmatched in our quality of service as well as our competitive pricing. We strive and guarantee to cater our cleaning solutions to your business needs and will always adhere to specialist standards to ensure that your commercial premises are thoroughly cleaned to advanced levels.

As one of the most reputable cleaning companies within Southampton and providing our specialist cleaning solutions throughout the south of England and the whole of the UK, we are able to ensure that your commercial premises will be spotless. To enquire about or commercial cleaning service, get in touch with our experts today by calling 0800 074 1688.

We Offer Tailored And Professional Contracts For Commerical Cleaning In Southampton

Here at CCL, we offer tailored contracts for each client to ensure that the requirements of their commercial business’s cleaning needs are met. When you choose CCL as your commercial cleaning contractor, you can rest assured that you will be receiving a highly professional service from a specialist cleaning firm with over 40 years of industry experience and expert knowledge. 

CCL have the expertise to engage in comprehensive cleaning solutions for all types of commercial business in Southampton and across the UK. Anything from large office cleaning to retail cleaning, CCL has got you covered. We will work in partnership with you to provide suitable long-term and regular cleaning contracts. All our staff are experts in the industry and are fully trained in all the latest advanced cleaning technology. We can offer a daily, weekly, or monthly service at whatever time suits your business needs. Our cleaners are available to work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Structured Supervisions To Ensure Our Cleaning Contracts Adhere To Exceptional Standards

Here at CCL, we pride ourselves on our advanced level of cleaning services, which is why we have designed a structured hierarchy to ensure that your commercial cleaning contract sees regular supervision and reviews to guarantee that all members of our team are constantly meeting the highest of industry standards.

Account Managers:

The Account Managers will be responsible for regular interactions with your chosen operatives to ensure stability and consistent results.

Area supervisors:

Our Area Supervisors have been employed to manage your site, liaise with the cleaners and ensure standards are kept to the highest levels.

Account Care:

The Account Care team is an office-based team will be here to help 365 days per year and can be contacted through e-mail or telephone. They will deal with any issues that may arise and ensure are dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Onsite Supervisors:

Onsite Supervisors will deal with any staffing issues, managing the cover staff and liaise with your account manager to ensure complete communication throughout all teams.

What’s Included In Your Commercial Cleaning Service?

For our commercial cleaning in Southampton service, each member of our specialist team is equipped with the most advanced cleaning equipment and safe chemicals that are available for commercial cleaning. The CCL cleaning group provides each member with 87% biodegradable chemicals which are fantastic eco-friendly solutions that help to reduce health and safety hazards, allowing you to have peace of mind that your commercial environment won’t be a hazardous space. It’s our specialism and years of industry expertise that has deservedly given us the reputation as the leading cleaning company in Southampton.

Depending on the type of business and the size of the commercial premises, we will cater our commercial cleaning service to reflect these factors, such as hotel and hospitality cleaning or office cleaning in Southampton. This means that we will apply a variety of different methods and cleaning equipment within our commercial cleaning service for different clients. 

Types Of Cleaning Solutions Provided Within Our Commercial Cleaning Service

What our clients can expect from our advanced commercial cleaning service:

  • Dry steam and foam shampooing
  • Spot cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Hardfloor cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • General cleaning
  • Floorcare hygiene 
  • Washroom deep clean

We can carry out highly professional cleaning services in Southampton for a wide range of businesses including hotels, retail, leisure centres, schools, healthcare facilities, warehouses, and offices. Our commercial cleaning service in Southampton can take care of all aspects of TUPE and we aim to ensure a highly professional and thorough cleaning service. We can also provide commercial cleaning in Portsmouth if you have business premises outside of Southampton.

Commercial Cleaning FAQs

The commercial cleaning industry has a myriad of cleaners that are used for different purposes but the most common ones are bleach, detergent, and ammonia. All these chemicals have different properties that make them suitable for doing certain tasks. Bleach is known to disinfect as well as clean surfaces thoroughly by removing stains and odours while detergent commonly cleans dishes and removes grease from surfaces. Ammonia is often used in kitchens because it kills bacteria while also getting rid of bad smells from cooking food.

Yes, we do! We have our own chemical supplier that we use exclusively for our products. This allows us to maintain high-quality standards and ensure that our products are safe for consumption. Visit our supplies page now for all essential cleaning supplies.

No, we can carry out our commercial cleaning service without a member of staff present. we offer 24/7 cleaning services which means we can work out of office hours or anytime that is tailored to your specific requirements.

Our specialist commercial cleaners will fill out a checklist before they leave your business premises to evidence what has been cleaned. Our team are professional cleaners who deliver a thorough cleaning service each and every time. If you have any concerns about the service, we encourage our clients to phone us so we can resolve any issues right away.

Located in Southampton, we provide our commercial cleaning service in Southampton and across the South Coast of England and throughout the whole of the UK.

Ensuring That Health And Safety Standards Are Met

Health and safety is a significant factor in business today and we are striving to be at the forefront of this so our customers can rest assured we are doing all in our power to protect their interests. We adhere to a strict health and safety policy and will be tailor-made for your requirements and conditions on-site. All our staff will be trained on how your site operates i.e. Fire routes and where to gather etc.

Our commercial cleaning team use the most efficient and effective techniques which always comply with the specific health and safety standards of your business. We understand how important this is, especially when it comes to hospitals and schools. Our cleaners are trained and experienced so they know exactly how to disinfect your commercial space to prevent staff and visitors from spreading diseases.

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