As we cruise through 2024, the landscape of commercial cleaning in Reading is evolving significantly, driven by technological advancements, health and sustainability, and shifting consumer expectations. In this varied environment, staying on top of all of the latest trends and innovations is important for businesses that are seeking to maintain safe, clean, and inviting spaces for customers, visitors and employees. 

Cleanliness and hygiene have always been an important aspect of daily life, but recent global events and further advancements have grown bigger than ever in cleaning practices and as we venture through 2023, the trends of the cleaning industry continue to undergo a transformation that is driven by multiple factors. Here are the trends that are tailoring the way individuals and industries approach cleanliness this year:

Things That Influence Cleaning Trends

There are several factors that influence cleaning trends, which tailor the way that people approach cleanliness and sanitation, as well as the methods and products used.

Consumer Expectations 

Customers and visitors expect to walk into a clean and well-maintained space, whether this is in retail stores, public facilities, or offices. Meeting these expectations will drive trends in commercial cleaning, as businesses strive to increase the cleanliness and appearance of their premises to attract and retain customers and tenets. 

Changing Work Environments 

With work environments changing, such as an increase in remote work and flexible office arrangements, this impacts the cleaning trends. Businesses adapt their cleaning strategies to accommodate changing occupancy patterns, put flexible working patterns in place, and focus on high-touch areas to maintain a clean workplace. 

Technological Advancements

Advancements in cleaning technology are continuously shaping industry trends. Creations such as robotic cleaners, smart sensors, and UV-C disinfection are innovating the cleaning processes, making them more effective, efficient and automated. 

Sustainable Practices 

Sustainable practices in commercial cleaning are quickly becoming a focal point for businesses that are seeking to reduce their environmental impact while maintaining a high standard of cleanliness. Here are some sustainable practices that are gaining attention in the commercial cleaning industry:

Water Conservation

Putting water-saving techniques in place, such as using microfibre cloths or mops that require less water can hugely reduce water consumption when carrying out a cleaning schedule. Additionally, investing in low-flow cleaning equipment and implementing water-efficient practices, such as suitable dilution of cleaning solutions, helps to conserve water resources.

Energy Efficiency 

Changing to energy-efficient cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, and scrubbers can lower energy consumption and operational costs. Opting for equipment with high energy star ratings and making the most of programmable features to optimise cleaning schedules will enhance energy efficiency. 

Waste Reduction and Recycling

Executing waste reduction strategies, such as reducing packaging waste and using refillable containers for cleaning products, helps to minimise the volume of waste generated during cleaning operations. Moreover, implementing recycling programs for materials like paper, cardboard and plastic, helps to promote responsible waste management practices.

Modern Cleaning Systems 

Modern cleaning technologies involve a range of innovative systems and practices that are designed to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability in commercial cleaning operations. Here are some key modern cleaning systems that are coming into trends in 2024:

Robotic Cleaners 

Robotic cleaning devices, such as floor scrubbers and vacuum robots automate repetitive cleaning tasks, reducing the need for manual labour and saving time. These robots use sensors and advanced navigation technology to find their way through spaces, helping to clean the floors efficiently.

Microfibre Cleaning Tools

Microfibre cleaning cloths, dusters, and mops are highly effective at trapping dust, dirt and allergens due to their fine fibres and static charge. Modern cleaning systems often include this to achieve exceptional cleaning results while reducing the need for chemical cleaners and water

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