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At CCL Cleaning, we like to emphasise the importance, benefits and advantages that commercial cleaning brings to all businesses, applying a great reputation through having a spring-clean environment. Our friendly staff are here to give you the most warm welcome to our team and their hardworking characteristics will help you rest assured that your premises will be transformed to be clean and tidy in next to no time. CCL offer exceptional service at a realistic price, making certain that we exceed your expectations and help you save your money right from the very beginning. 


Our lovely team will be able to guide you through the procedures that we follow as well as open discussions about any customisations that you would like to make to the cleaning procedure, where we can listen and adapt our routine to fit your needs. 

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Services that are included in commercial cleaning 


Within commercial cleaning, various services are incorporated to ensure a clean and healthy working environment. The services that are offered may vary depending on the organisation, but here are some of the most common services:




This includes dusting and wiping surfaces to ensure germs, dust and bacteria are removed from the surface and prevent them from being spread and released into the air. It is also to make the room look clean, by removing fingerprints and stains from required areas.


Vacuuming/Carpet Cleaning:


This involved cleaning carpets to remove any dirt or debris left on them or deep-cleaning to remove deep-seated dirt and the removal of stains to a high standard.


Rubbish Removal:


This involves emptying rubbish bags in the premises and replacing them, to avoid germs and bacteria from developing, especially on foods.


Window Cleaning:


Window cleaning ensures the the outside and inside of the building look well looked after and clean, this gets rid of any fingerprints or smears that were created.


Customised cleaning packages:


Having customised cleaning packages ensures that you will have a tailored cleaning service that meets the unique needs of the business.


Top 5 benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning company


Sick leave - social


Many advantages come with hiring a reliable and friendly cleaning service, let’s discover 5 of them.


Professional-standard cleaning:


Commercial cleaning companies are known for bringing excellent expertise and knowledge when entering your premises, on the subject that they know best. Hiring a commercial cleaning company will ensure that your property will be kept tidy and up-to-date which is scientifically proven to up-boost your productivity on a day-to-day basis.


Time and cost efficiency:


Hiring a commercial cleaning company means that saving time is guaranteed, you will not have to fuss about ensuring your premises are meeting all the required health check standards when CCL can do this for you, making certain that your working environment is clean and sustainable.


Consistency and reliability:


Due to our routined schedules, this ensures that you will be guaranteed a weekly schedule (more or less depending on your agreed routine) this promises that your premises will be continuously clean and safe. Ensuring that you have a reliable cleaning service makes certain that you do not have to waste time cleaning the property yourself and will save time on cleaning materials.


Customised cleaning plans:


At CCL, we offer customised cleaning packages that are tailored to your business needs, assuring that you do not need to do this yourself, we can discuss, adapt and take action to your requirements. Meeting your expectations will help your business to thrive in a positive, clean environment where you will not need to worry about hiring another specialist cleaner to fulfil these needs.


Health and Safety Compliance:


CCL are specially trained to comply with health and safety regulations. By hiring professionals, you can rest assured that your working environment will be clean and follow the regulations of industry standards, this is specifically essential in vulnerable settings such as healthcare centres, hospitals and industries with specific cleanliness specifications.

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